Hey there! I’m Becca and I’m the owner &┬áprinciple photographer behind Becca Rillo Photography. While photography is truly my life’s obsession, there’s so much more to me than the role of wedding photographer. I live with my husband and son in a small-but-not-so-small, suburban neighborhood in northern Los Angeles with our ADORABLE puppy, two cats, and whatever wildlife I can convince to stick around. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for critters so I feed anything that happens to wander though my backyard!

My son came into our lives in March and I can’t imagine life without him. If you told me a few years ago that I’d be spending my days with a balding, drooling, diaper-wearing dude I would have said you were crazy. But I love the flexibility that my career has given me so I can spend time rolling around on the floor with my sweet Ben. He is my inspiration, my office assistant, the one who drives me crazy and the reason I wear yoga pants like, every day. But he’s my best friend and an amazing little dude.. follow me on Instagram! You’ll see ;)

I love sour candy, weddings, and let’s be honest here – Netflix. I will find a new show and completely binge on it over the course of just a few days.. I mean, it starts the next episode automatically! It’s so hard to stop!

If you’re also a yoga pant wearing, sour candy eating, animal loving, Netflix addict.. you might just be my new best friend!
Send me a message and let’s get together :)