Big changes | A Sneak Peek at The Princess & the Pea!

Things have really started to change in my life... for the better, I think. Job changes, friendship changes, mind changes. It's funny how differently I look at 2011 now than I looked at it at the end of 2010. At the end of 2010, I was convinced that my life would take another 3 years to really get going. That I was stuck at the day-job I had because I needed the financial security. That I couldn't control my own life, rather it was being controlled for me. I was tired, I was discouraged, and worst of all I was torn between all of the many, many voices in my head that were pulling me in completely different directions. Well here we are, just about 3 months through 2011 and it's amazing how different this year is shaping up to be. I'm taking that leap of faith and making big changes to my life. I'm working on big changes for my business and expanding my portfolio with photoshoots that I'm hoping will grace the pages of fabulous blogs in the not-to-distant future. And I am so happy. You know why?

Because for the first time, in a long time I might add, I am doing what makes me happy. Not what makes sense in my head, because my logical brain is screaming at my creative brain, "What are you doing?!?" but I...don' :) So with that said.. look for much more frequent blog posts from me and enjoy a sneak peek of my latest photoshoot: The Princess & the Pea.

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