Belly Photography: Cari & Baby Aria

When my friend, Cari, told me that she was pregnant we knew that we had to come up with a really cool way to document her growing belly! We searched Pinterest and Google trying to find the perfect inspiration but we never found exactly what we were looking for. So we pulled our favorite elements from all of the photos we found and created this! Each week, Cari stopped by the grocery store with her tape measure and selected the perfect fruit or vegetable to complement the week of her pregnancy. There was some trial and error over the first few weeks, and by week 15 we nailed it! We were so good at this that towards the end, Cari would only stop by the house for 5 minutes and I'd have her photo up by the time she got home.. we're just that good. So here it is! Starting from week 6 going all the way through week 39 :) We took that last picture and Cari went into labor the next day. You can see how Aria made her grand entrance right here!

Cari_Collage_1 Cari_Collage_2 Cari_Collage_3 Cari_Collage_4 Cari_Collage_5