Nicki & Clifton | Expecting | Los Angeles Maternity Photographer Becca Rillo

There's nothing cuter than a little round belly :) I love maternity sessions so much! There's just a special glow, and I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for it, but that glow just radiates through my lens... And it's like a little guessing game about what the baby will look like! Here are my official guesses (feel free to comment your own!!):

  • Tan skin
  • Light brown/Dirty blonde hair
  • Blue eyes

Nicki and Clifton are both such unique people and I can't wait to see what their baby looks like. Such endless combinations of features, Caden is going to be a little ladies man!

**September 19th, 2011: UPDATE: My guesses were pretty much totally wrong. I got his hair color right, but that's about it! Here's sweet baby Caden today:

And here's what he looked like while he was still hanging out with Nicki!