The Call Family | Santa Clarita, California | Los Angeles Family Photographer Becca Rillo

I have a small family. There's 3 of us. I have a small extended family. I have 5 cousins and I'm the oldest one. My husband's family is a different story...

Jealous doesn't even begin to explain how I feel about the bond that Kyle's huge extended family has. Even though they live in different states and are hundreds of miles away, they see each other all the time and are super close :) They fly out for highschool graduations, weddings, and family vacations!! I'm still having a problem remembering everyone's names because they all look the same. Haha I kid you not, they are all really pretty, have blonde hair, and blue eyes. The guys and the girls ;)

Jenny is my favorite. Favorite, favorite, favorite. She's Kyle's cousin and she's the one I know the best. I seriously wish she lived closer because I would make her into my new best friend! She is an awesome mom to 2 beautiful little girls, Elsie and Adelaide. Oh, and Kenton isn't half bad either ;) Haha