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Have you ever been stuck in the mud? I have. Once, in fact.. back in February. Let me tell you about it! Holly Steen of Cakes & Kisses Photography came up with the great idea to shoot in the rain. I tend to shy away from things that I'm not comfortable with (like precipitation) but I figured, "Why not?". I like a challenge! I brought Nathan and Sarah, and Holly was also going to bring a couple to play with. Unfortunately, we only had the chance to shoot with Holly's couple, but I'll get to that part. They were great, though.. I had so much fun working with Chris Easter, co-founder of The Man Registry, and his beautiful wife, Kimberly! Such a cute couple and I'm so happy to have met them. Anyways! We all met up in a parking lot to lay out a game plan and then headed out. I had Holly, Chris, and Kimberly in my car and then Nathan and Sarah were following us. We didn't really know where we were going, we just would know the spot when we saw it. We drove quite a ways down a single lane road and then we passed this beautiful clearing.. here's where it gets interesting.. I made a u-turn and turned a little wider than I should have. On a normal day, it totally wouldn't have been a problem... well, this was no normal day. Rain had been falling for a few days and had turned the mud riiiiiight off the road into really sticky clay... So when I turned off the road, I sunk right in. Oh yeah. We were stuck.. unbelievably stuck.

Nathan and Sarah went for help (because there was no reception) while Holly and I started shooting. We figured we were there anyway, so why waste the light?! Turns out that Nathan had finally gotten reception a few miles down the road, had pulled over to call for help, turned off his car, and then when he went to start his car again.. you guessed it, his battery was dead. We didn't know this at the time so we assumed help was coming! Haha

So right towards the end of our session, when it looked like we'd be walking home in the dark, on a dirt road.. a good samaritan came along! Apparently, he usually takes the freeway home, but for some reason he was compelled to take the road instead. He got down on his hands and knees in the mud to hook up my car to his hooky-thing on the front of his truck and pulled me out. I was so stuck it took about 10 minutes to finally pull me out!! I am so thankful for him, and if he's reading this or you know him.. seriously have him call me. Right when I got pulled out of the mud, Nathan pulled up after calling his friend for a jump, to tell us that he didn't get help! Whew! What a day!

So here we go: My first (and last) photoshoot in the rain/mud.

I don't know what was going on when I snapped this photo, but I love their faces! Especially Chris..

This is one of my favorite shots of the day! Just an unplanned, quick shot that turned out to be super cute:

Is it still raining?

I love the progression of Kimberly's hair getting curlier and curlier as the shoot goes on! Gotta love all the moisture in the air!

A couple shots of my co-conspirator, Holly, making some adjustments before her shot! She's super talented:

Oh, what's this? Just little ol' me. Getting my butt pulled out of the mud... Awesome.

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