Heirloom Albums | Becca Rillo Photography

Albums.Beautiful books that hold the memories of your wedding day..


You pick it up and inhale the spicy tones of leather and a sweet scent of ink..


...then you gently open it's pages and relive the happiest day of your life.

What will you leave to your grandchildren? How do you want the future generations that you'll never meet to see you?

A google search?


A usb of images that they probably won't be able to access because usbs are ancient technology?


This is your legacy.




Every one of my photography collections includes a beautiful, custom designed album.

30 pages of your memories, laid out in a visually breathtaking spread.




Luxe pages are shown below on the left, standard pages are shown below on the right.

Album_BeccaRilloPhotography004Both of these albums have 30 pages.




Grey Album: 10x10 Premium Leather Cover Custom Embossing 30 Pages Luxe Pages

Tan Album: 12x12 Linen Cover 30 Pages