Kitty Acupuncture?

My cat had acupuncture on Wednesday. True story, I've never had acupuncture done and I honestly didn't even know that you could do it on cats.. but apparently you can. I took Origami in to have his hips looked at. He's an older cat and was walking a little stiff so I figured maybe there was a kitty-glucosamine or something for his joints that they could prescribe. The doctor was super nice, in fact, the entire staff was incredibly welcoming and nice. If you live in Santa Clarita (or Santa Clarita adjacent) and have a cat, I highly recommend The Cat Doctor & Friends. Anywhoooo.. Our doctor felt around on his hips and while she was explaining the joint meds to me, she took his little neck and cracked it both ways! I gasped! What on earth was she doing to my baby??! She must have noticed the stunned look of horror on my face because she said, "Oh! I'm just adjusting his neck, it was a little tight." He got his neck adjusted. Spoiled, spoiled brat cat. After the whole neck-cracking situation, she suggested that I try Kitty-Acupuncture to help little Ori out with his hip problem. "Kitty-Acupuncture?" I asked, "Is that expensive?" She told me it was about $50 and that she'd go see if their on-staff acupuncturist was available. She came in and gently, sweetly, softly stuck little needles up and down his spine. There was even one on his head! Sooo funny! Unfortunately, all I had was my camera phone to take a picture of my silly cat and I don't know how to post it online. After the alloted 10 minutes of needle time, she pulled them all out and then set him on the floor to check out his walk. Perfect. No limp, no grunting.. I'm a believer. His hips are really stiff so we'll be going back in another couple of weeks for some more acupuncture. But she said a couple more sessions and he should be as good as new. Interesting, huh? My camera will be along for the ride next time so I'll post some pictures of Ori with needles in him!