Hi there! If you're here, chances are you ran into me or one of my friends wearing the most amazing lipstick on the planet and you're dying to know more. Well, luckily for you - I'm about to lay it on you! Let me give you a little back story here and then we'll dive into the good stuff. As you can see, I'm a wedding photographer, not a makeup artist. In 2016 I made a New Year's Resolution to wear lipstick every day because I had just had a baby the year before and was falling into a bit of a mommy-frump. Fast forward to September and my resolution was not going super well... I was constantly reapplying it throughout the day, my one year old was whacking my face by accident and smearing it across my face.. no good. So when my friend, Lauren, invited me to her house for a Lipsense party, I was intrigued and suuuuper skeptical. There's no way this lipstick could hold up to the bold claims she was making. 5 minutes into her presentation I was sold and signed up before I even bought the product! I knew I was going to want all of the colors so signing up as a distributor was the best way to get a discount without having to make any monthly minimum purchases or having to sell it. But, I have a bit of a big mouth, and once I started wearing it on a regular basis I couldn't stop telling my friends how truly amazing this stuff was so I started selling it (basically to fund my personal addiction). Haha

So with that being said: Welcome to the wonderful world of lipcolor that actually lasts!! Up to 18 hours of seriously gorgeous, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, lead-free, wax-free, GMO-free, cruelty-free, vegan, made in the USA color! (That's hard to top!) Crazy addicting and wonderful for women on the go who don't have time to mess around with touch ups, moms who like to shower their babies in kisses (while beating the dreaded mom-frump), and.. well, basically everyone!

Lipsense is a 3 part system which includes the color of your choice (colors, really - let's be honest, you can't stop at one), the hydrating gloss, and a remover to help you clean up any mistakes you might make when applying!


Colors are $25 • Glosses are $20 • Remover is $10

I'll list the colors below and you can email me directly to order • I'd also encourage you to join my amazing Facebook group if you're into social media because that's where discounts and giveaways will happen from time to time! Click HERE to join my group :)



[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

AppleCider_LipSense AussieRose_LipSense BeigeChampage_LipSense Bella_LipSense Berry_LipSense Blackberry_LipSense Blu-Red_LipSense Bombshell_LipSense Bravo_LipSense Brick_LipSense BronzeShimmer_LipSense BRuby_LipSense BurntOrange_LipSense Cappuccino_LipSense CaramelApple_LipSense CaramelLatte_LipSense CCoral_LipSense Cocoa_LipSense CoralIce_LipSense CoralReef_LipSense Cranberry_LipSense CrimsonRed_LipSense Currant_LipSense DarkPink_LipSense DawnRising_LipSense DustyRose_LipSense ElectricTangerine_LipSense Espresso_LipSense FireNIce_LipSense FirstLove_LipSense FleurDeLisa_LipSense FlyGirl_LipSenseFuscia_LipSense Gingerbread_LipSense GoldChampagne_LipSense Hazelnut_LipSense Heartbreaker_LipSense HoneyRose_LipSense KathysKisses_LipSense KellysKrush_LipSense KissForACause_LipSense KissMeKatie_LipSense LexieBear-y_LipSense LuvIt_LipSense MauveIce_LipSense Moca_LipSense Mojave_LipSense MulledWine_LipSense Napa_LipSense Neutral_LipSense Nude_LipSense Nutmeg_LipSense PartyPink_LipSense PeacePink_LipSensePeach_LipSense Persimmon_LipSense PinkChampagne_LipSense PinkIce_LipSense Plum_LipSense Plumeria_LipSense PlumPretty_LipSense Pomegranate_LipSense PralineRose_LipSense PreciousTopaz_LipSense PumpkinSpice_LipSense PurpleReign_LipSense Raisin_LipSense Razzberry_LipSense RedCherry_LipSense Redwood_LipSense Rhubarb_LipSense Roseberry_LipSense RoseIce_LipSense Samon_LipSense SheerBerry_LipSense SheerPink_LipSense SheLaLa_LipSense SpiceIce_LipSense StrawberryShortcake_LipSense SummerSunset_LipSense Violette_LipSense


How's that for overload?? Lipsense comes in so many colors! Once you apply your color, you need to seal it with the hydrating Glossy Gloss.  After a few weeks of wearing the Glossy Gloss, you can top it with any of the other gorgeous glosses we offer. You can also wear the gloss alone for hydration if you're not feeling like wearing lipstick that day!

16730284_10155097169572783_5206043265487892153_n 16640956_10155097169732783_7278166578291127147_n 16649123_10155097169227783_2913539959214618004_n 16649438_10155097169252783_4801450963866537911_n 16806996_10155097169442783_3096576592198123899_n 16807258_10155097169687783_3677577098958639775_n 16807473_10155097169272783_2474484333755150823_n 16807788_10155097169207783_4233655031148382961_n 16831033_10155097169302783_952993396667453133_n 16831051_10155097169192783_7950043693427465539_n 16832208_10155097169472783_1550034194797767254_n


Colors are $25 • Glosses are $20 • Remover is $10

Email me directly to order •

And join my Facebook page XOXO Kissable Lips for more fun!