Married! ...and a new Blog! | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Becca Rillo

Happy July everyone! I know most people make new years resolutions, or resolutions on their birthdays.. but mine is more like a "Post-Wedding" resolution. I've been so wrapped up in wedding planning (over a year, my friends..over a year) that I haven't had any time to focus on my business or even in my personal life. Ask anyone I know, I've been slightly MIA for a while.. be it phone calls, or e-mails.. my mind has definitely been elsewhere.

That being said: I'm going to a better person. My e-mails will be returned on time. My phone calls will be dealt with (FYI: I hate, hate, hate voicemails, so if you leave me one.. I won't listen to it for a week. That will never change! Haha) and my business will grow. Hopefully my business will blow-up.. but I'll settle for "grow" for the time being..

I think if I write down my resolutions I'll be more likely to actually follow through, so I'll be working on a list to post. I'm better at getting things done if I give myself a timeline, it's worked up until now so I don't see why I should stop!