New Look, New Logo, New Website! Happy 2013!

Whaaaat?! Big changes around here starting with a whole new look! After a few years of figuring out who I was as a photographer, I took on the challenge of changing my branding to match my style. My previous logo was more structured and bold, but my photos are much softer and more romantic. I wasn't sure exactly what to do or where to go but after seeing my friend Emilee's new website I was sold on her design team. I contacted Lindsay and told her I wanted to hire her, but it turned out that she was about to launch her brand new company (with her friend, Sarah) and wasn't taking any new design projects until January 1st! Not gonna lie, at midnight on New Year's Eve I wasn't kissing my husband, I was filling out their contact form. So after months of redesigning, rebranding, revisions, and re-lots of late nights and caffeine, I'm so excited to show off my new look!

Big thank you to the gals at Hello Monday Creative for working with my crazy antics and perfectionism on steroids. I'm sure they're glad to have me off of their hands for the time being, especially Sarah who worked with me extensively on my new logo.. I'm not sure how many revisions we went through but I can't thank you enough!

So take a look around and let me know what you think! I'm really excited that my website and blog are now in the same place so I'll be able to keep them both updated regularly. Here are some upcoming features that I can't wait to blog about:



xoxo Becca