Prepping for Your Newborn Session | Becca Rillo Photography

  Prepping for Your Session Soft, squishy newborn photos.. ahhhh, is there anything sweeter? Nope. I don't think so. But what you might not realize is how much work goes into getting your little nugget into those poses that look so effortless. Here are my tips & suggestions on how to to prep for your session to give us the best chance of getting those amazing snuggly photos!


Watch What You Eat, Momma! If you are breastfeeding, try to avoid spicy food or foods that contain a ton of dairy in the 24 hours leading up to your shoot. All of those things can lead to a gassy, sad baby which will negatively effect your shoot. Your fussy baby won't be comfortable getting squished into those adorable poses if they have a rumbly tummy!


Keep That Baby Awake! I know you'll also be prepping yourself for the shoot (curling your hair and putting on makeup for the first time in a week) but try to keep your little one awake for at least an hour, preferably two hours, before your session. I know it seems a little crazy to keep your baby awake but it will save me time trying to rock and bounce your baby to sleep once you get here!


Feed Your Baby Right Before You Head to My Studio! Just before you hop in the car to come see me - get your baby nice and milkdrunk. In fact, feed them lots and lots in the 8 hours leading up to your session! This will help knock your little one out and keep them happy during your session. If you're breastfeeding be prepared to feed a couple of times during the session and if you're formula feeding please bring some with you!


Put Your Baby in PJs! Nothing upsets a sleeping baby more than getting stripped down to nothing for the session. And what makes it even worse is if there are too many layers to peel off! So a button-up onesie or something that won't go over the head is ideal and try to keep it to one piece. Not socks and pants and a onesie, and a hoodie, and a beanie..... it just gets to be too much!


Bring that Amazing Pacifier! Is your little one using a pacifier? If so, bring it along! I'll be able to pop that wondrous little cry-stopper in and pose your baby before quickly popping it out to get the shot. Those things are amazing!


Sit Back and Relax! Babies have amazing noses and they definitely know who mom is. So if your baby is a little fussy, I might ask you to step out of the studio! Please don't be offended - your baby loves you. But your lovely smell might be interfering with your session! I know it sounds crazy but you'll be amazing at how quickly your little one calms down once you're out of smelling range. Take this little break and relax! Check your email, pop in a movie, watch some bad reality tv.. I'm not going to judge you. I've had moms pass out on my couch, too!


Gussy Yourself Up a Little! I love to include mom and dad in a few of the photos. I'm fully aware that you might not be completely happy with your 5 day postpartum body - but I only pose you in the most flattering ways and generally avoid the belly altogether. You'll cherish these photographs as your baby will only get bigger by the day and I've never had any mom regret the photos with her fresh baby! That being said, please have your hair and makeup done (you can do it yourself OR I can provide it in the studio which I *highly* recommend) so you look your best in the photos.


Neutrals are Your Best Friend! My style is incredibly simple and natural so layers in neutral tones will look the best and be the most cohesive with the newborn photos that I'll be taking! Ivory/cream, tan, beige, light brown, light grey, soft blush pinks, dusty blues, etc. All of those photograph really well and let the baby be the focus instead of a wild color. Try to avoid prints, but instead go with textures like a knit cardigan or lace or a soft ruffle!


Poop is the Name of the Game! Don't be embarrassed if your little, perfect, angel baby decides to blast one all over myself or my props. It's okay. Really. This isn't my first rodeo and your baby isn't the first one to poop on me - I promise! Because my style is really natural and organic, your little one will be photographed in his/her birthday suit for a majority of the session. That's the risk that I take and I don't mind getting pee'd on! You also might take a hit so keep that in mind as well.


Boy, oh Boy! If you've chosen to have your little boy circumcised I will keep his diaper on the entire time and use wraps and blankets to hide the diaper. If you want the naked photos, we need to wait at least 4 days for it to completely heal! This is a non-negotiable for me so if you show up 2 days post-circumcision and tell me you have to have naked baby photos I will send you home. It's incredibly painful to pose your little guy when he's just had a major procedure done on his manhood and I won't willing inflict pain on a sweet, confused baby!


Family Heirlooms! I provide all of the props, wraps, and blankets for your session but if there is something important to you that you'd like to include - please do! But it's something that must be discussed prior to your session. Don't just show up with 7 antique model airplanes and expect me to work miracles! I need to chat with you about your specific idea and if it's something that I'm able to include in your shoot. My favorite things to include are hand-knit or hand-crocheted blankets made by a family member or passed down from baby to baby. I also love old teddy bears or vintage pearls! Again, my style is really natural and organic so a giant, electric green, stuffed iguana probably won't work... no offense, I'm sure it's really special haha


Color Schemes & Design! What does your nursery look like? I photograph babies with the intention of making art, not just digital files that live on your computer or in a Facebook gallery. These photos will surround you for years to come and your precious baby is going to look so delicious in these photos that you're going to want to put them up in your nursery! So with that in mind, giving me a basic idea of the color story in your little one's nursery will help me design a session that will be perfect for your home. Are you totally confused about all of this? I have no problem stopping by your home (provided you don't live hours away) and chat with you about colors that would be ideal for you. I might suggest something that you hadn't thought of before! Just because you have a pink nursery doesn't mean that wrapping your baby up in pink is the best idea. That's a lot of pink! Are there tiny accents of mint or lavender in the pink nursery? That might be the direction we go in during your session to complement the existing decor!

I also like to keep my sessions cohesive. I love your input when you see all of my fun wraps and blankets - but let's make sure they all go together so when you see them in an album or when you put them up in a gallery wall they don't clash

I can't wait to photograph your fresh, sweet, precious little one! And if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me -