Limoneira Ranch Wedding | Ryan & Cindy

So this is one of the few weddings where I actually met the groom first! I used to work out at a local gym and Ryan was my favorite trainer. When he left to start his own gym I followed him but was only working out with him for a few months before I got pregnant and had such crazy morning sickness that I could barely walk to the kitchen without being exhausted, let alone work out - but by the time I was ready to hit the gym again (begrudgingly) Ryan had accepted an amazing job at Waste Management and his gym was gone. Bye, Ryan.

Enter Cindy! I was doing the dreaded blood glucose test at Kaiser (moms, you know that nasty orange drink.. so gross) and Cindy was the one who was drawing my blood. She recognized my name on my blood vials and we got to talking about weddings! I told her to call me when they set a date and… ta-da! Here we are!! It was my complete honor to be a part of their big day.