Styled Shoots!

Models: I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on some fantastic Styled Shoots that I am planning on hosting this year. Each photoshoot will involve a bride and a groom in a faux-wedding situation and feature a particular theme of my choosing   : )    In exchange for being one of my lovely models, you will receive all of your photos on a disk for your own personal use.. and you get to dress up and play pretend! It's win-win. Interested? Read on.

It would make my life so much easier if you had your own wedding dress, however, I know not everyone I will photograph is married or even dating someone. So I have a few dresses that I will lend out and I plan on accumulating more over the course of the year.. go figure! Please contact me if this sounds like fun and if you'd like to be a part of my special projects! I plan on submitting some of these styled shoots to magazines and blogs so you might be featured in one! Fun fun.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail with your contact info, your dress size/shoe size/ring size, and a full body shot! If you have a significant other that you plan on dragging with you, a full body shot of him would be lovely as well!


Want to get in on this? You can   : )    I'm going to be hosting one guest photographer at each one of my shoots! Fabulous, right? Totally free to you and you just have to show up! The catch: you can't submit any of your images to publication and if you post them on your blog/website I have to get some type of shout out. Other than that, you're golden! If this seems like fun to you, shoot me an e-mail and hopefully we can work together.

Everyone Else:

Stylists, florist, jewelers, hair-stylists, make-up artists, graphic designers and everything in-between..

I need you too! As much as I like to think I can do everything on my own, I can't. I need your skill and you need my awesome networking powers so I think we'll do well together  ; )   Once again, a totally fantastic deal to you.. You provide your services to me and in return you receive all of the images on a disk to use for your marketing/blog/website...whatever. The catch: You need to either leave my watermark on them or give me a little shout out somewhere. Seriously win-win for everyone involved!

Please contact me as soon as humanly possible so I can start planning my year around these shoots! I hope to hear from you and I'll see you through my lens <3


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