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When I got my very first camera a while back, I needed test subjects. Ones that I could move around like puppets and put it weird situations with sun in their eyes, in other words torture for the sake of my art. Well, Nathan and Sarah volunteered.. I guess not so much volunteered as they were recruited (Nathan is my one and only sweet, baby brother and so Sarah had to participate by default). They tromped out into a field with me, Nathan carried a big ol' throne-like chair (anyone remember this shoot?) and they posed patiently while I fiddled with my camera and got the lighting "just right". They tweaked their necks in awkward positions for me to get that "perfect shot". They avoided twisting their ankles in gopher holes and kept an eye out for angry snakes while I shrieked with delight over my photos.. Well here we are about a year and a half later and we figured they were about due for some new photos. They've aged a bit and both have gotten new pairs of Converse, so once again, I drug them out into a field and shot them. Haha! Although this time (and I'm sure they would agree with me) it was a much more professional experience and not so painful. So thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

After too much serious posing, sometimes you have to lighten the mood with a ballerina-style kick!

Nice, Sarah! Haha

Nathan's good looks are obviously the reason Sarah was attracted to him in the first place....

I turned around for a second to look at some cute dogs behind me and when I looked back at Nathan and Sarah, they were gone. "Interesting..", I thought to myself, until I noticed the tops of their heads peeking over the grass! I scooted up closer for this picture so I could see them better, but they had pretty much disappeared. Apparently, Sarah had gotten some stickers stuck in her pants and they took my moment of distraction as their opportunity to remedy the situation.

I'm glad they did because it ended up being a phenomenal photo-op!

I'm going to take a moment here to ask (rhetorically), "How cute is Sarah?!?". I swear...

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