August | Where on Earth did July go? | Charity Shootout Sneak Peek

July was an insane month for me! I would show you a copy of my planner, but you still wouldn't believe me... I have different color highlighters that keep me organized and I try to balance my life by the number of colored lines on my planner. Orange lines are hair-clients, green is work, yellow are photography clients, blue is the gym and pink...ahhh... pink is Becca Time. Pink is all of the things that I don't actually have to do, but I choose to do anyway. Pink is the only sanity on my planner and the only color I look forward to after a long day at work :) Well, pink was lacking in July.. however, I got to be a part of an incredible Engagement Shootout hosted by none other than the fabulous Jen O'Sullivan. It was one out of only 5 pink events that month so needless to say, I was super excited to be there. I had the opportunity to work with 8 insanely different couples for about 10-15 minutes each and here are some of my favorites so far (I've only processed 5 couples so I'm still working on the other 3)!