Malibu Beach Engagement Session | Justin & Taylor

Taylor and I had planned for a beautiful beach engagement session and on the day of the shoot the weather could not have been more perfect. The drive down to this secluded beach in Malibu was gorgeous as I was winding through the canyons and over the hills and then - fog. I was literally 5 minutes away from the beach when fog rolled in off of the ocean and surrounded my car. I panicked for a hot second and then realized that no matter what it would work out and O. M. G. did it ever work out! The sun bounced off of the fog and lit up the ocean. Seriously, pure magic! It created this natural, one-of-a-kind glow that you can't fake even with the best photoshop magic... Add to that the crazy love that these two have for each other and you have a photographer's dream! (and can we talk about that dress?!) I've had serious style-envy of this girl since I met her at Brock & Kelly's wedding. She was rocking this amazing red dress and a sparkly necklace that made me keep reminding myself, look at her eyes not her chest, look at her eyes not her chest! Haha I'm SO thrilled that she reached out and I get to photograph her wedding next year! I'm incredibly blessed to work with the coolest couples!! Get the look! Taylor's dress is from Free People!


Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin

Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin

Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin

Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin

Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin

Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin

Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin

Malibu Beach Engagement Session with Taylor and Justin



Santa Clarita Engagement Session | Josh & Nicole

You guys. All of my friends are getting married this year (or next year) and I'm seriously over the moon. Josh was the Best Man in my wedding and so we were pretty stoked when he started dating Nicole! Could this be "the girl", we wondered? And heck yes.. he put a ring on it. We're still secretly - or not so secretly - wondering if she'll realize that she's way too cool for Josh, but maybe he'll get lucky and she'll become Mrs. Aston in March! When they announced that they were tying the knot deep down I hoped that they would ask me to photograph their wedding. I would have been totally fine watching them from the crowd but this is SO MUCH BETTER! The control freak in me is super excited :) JoshNicole_BeccaRilloPhotography001











Malibu Beach Engagement: Jason & Jana

I don't often blog engagement sessions, but when I do: It's because they look like this! We had the most perfect weather at the beach, the tides cooperated, the wind was perfection, and these two are just so in love - it's what makes my job literally magical. I'm so blessed to have the greatest couples in the world! Jana & Jason are tying the knot next May and I couldn't be more excited for them.














Venice Canals Engagement Session: Zane & Caryn

We circled for what seemed like forever trying to find a parking spot somewhere near Venice.. this lovely summer weather (in March, what the heck?) plus daylight savings time that same day, had brought EVERYONE to the beach! Luckily for us, we eventually found a spot and were able to wander the streets for some fun engagement photos. This was the second engagement session for Caryn & Zane so they were total pros :) Zane's sister, Mariah, is also a totally rad photographer! She photographed the proposal as well (you can see it here!) and I love that Zane dropped to both knees.. not just the standard one.. way to go :) I've known Zane's family since I was a little kid so it's going to be a real treat to be able to capture his wedding to the adorable Caryn this May.. They both scouted out some fun places for our shoot and I couldn't be happier with the way their session came out!! You guys are awesome!




















Pasadena City Hall Engagement: Scott & Joni

How cute are these two? I met Scott for the first time during our shoot a few days ago, but I was fortunate enough to have met Joni back in December when her original wedding photographer was unable to shoot their upcoming wedding due to family matters. Now, that part might not have been fortunate... but I'm so glad it happened because I get to work with them now!! Yay! Because their wedding is coming up so quick, we had initially decided to do their engagement session asap. However, Mother Nature had other plans and we had to reschedule our session THREE TIMES due to rainstorms! Well, 4th time's the charm apparently because we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather :) So 3 weeks before their wedding, we headed out to Pasadena to roam the streets and capture some great photos of these two lovebirds!

I'm so excited to capture their wedding at the end of the month!

xo B





















Santa Monica Pier Engagement: Brock & Kelly

I didn't completely believe Kelly when she told me that everyone was obsessed with her dog, Duke.. "Everyone loves him." she said. Based on the cell phone pictures she showed me, he was an adorable little Frenchie that was totally posing for her photos but I didn't quite understand the full extent of his celebrity until our session at the Santa Monica Pier! Well for starters, I'm pretty sure that my voice went up a couple of octaves when I first saw him and started squeaking at him.. and I kid you not, people were literally stopping them as we walked along the pier to pet him, take pictures with him, and chat Brock & Kelly up about his supreme cuteness. Anyway, enough about this ridiculously cute dog.. Brock & Kelly are also ridiculously cute and such good sports! Because, due to unforeseen HORRIFIC traffic (thanks a lot, Cirque De Sol), we only had about 45 minutes to run around the pier and dodge the swarms of people to get our shots. Also, half the pier was missing (Really?!) so the normal amount of weekend Pier-goers was squished into one side of the pier! But despite the random circumstances these two rocked it out and we got some amazing images! I'm so excited that these two chose me to photograph their wedding this summer :)















Backyard Engagement: Sean & Alyssa

Oh these two! They're so sweet and fun and nerdy and awesome. Between all of the laughing and messing around, we trounced all around Sean's backyard and got some amazing photos that capture who they are! I'm beyond honored that they picked me to be their wedding photographer and crazy excited for June :)SeanAlyssa_BeccaRilloPhotography001












Pasadena City Hall Engagement: Aaron & Lily

Aaron & Lily were so much fun to photograph! Even though they were probably sick of me dragging them all over City Hall for their photos, they still smiled and at least pretended that they had a good time :) haha This world-travelling duo has so much ahead of them and I can't wait to see where life takes them after they get married! They're tying the knot this March!  


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Santa Clarita Engagement: Josh & Amy

What can I say about Josh and Amy? Honestly, two of the sweetest people I've ever met. They are so deeply in love with each other and share the same passions (except for the whole vegetarian/carnivore thing.. haha). I had the honor of photographing their wedding in November, but I'm so behind with blogging that I'm just now sharing their engagement story :) Amy found the beautiful rolling grass and it just worked out beautifully! I couldn't have been happier with this shoot!


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Josh & Amber | Engaged | Santa Clarita, California | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Becca Rillo

I was on such a roll with blogging.. such a roll. And then the unthinkable happened: I filled up my hard-drive. My 2 TERABYTE hard-drive! My first one ever, it was definitely a milestone. However, it totally through a monkey wrench into my blogging because I didn't have enough space to create new pictures! AND since I'm cheap..frugal, I suppose.. I chose the Super Saver Shipping option from Amazon and it took 2+ weeks to get my new one delivered! I learned my lesson and I'm back in my groove, I promise. Here we go! The long-awaited Part Two of Josh & Amber's Engagement Session!


Josh & Amber | Engaged | Malibu, California | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Becca Rillo

My world is so small, it really is. I met Josh at a Charity Event this past summer where we were both exhibitors (Josh is also a wedding photographer!). We ended up striking up a conversation at the event and really hit it off. He was talking about his girlfriend, Amber and how they were probably going to get engaged soonish. After a few minutes he introduced me to his then girlfriend, Amber! Turns out, Amber and I were friends when we were 13 and were going to the same church. She is now a fabulous harpist for weddings and special events! How crazy is it that we ended up in the same industry?! Like I said, small world. We all talked about wedding photography for a bit and then went our separate ways for the event. I was so thrilled when I got the e-mail from them saying that they were engaged and wanted me to photograph their wedding! It's seriously the BIGGEST compliment in the world when another wedding photographer asks you to shoot their wedding. I can't wait for their wedding in March! We did a 2-part engagement session so you'll have to wait until next week for the second installment. Here is part one!

Nick & Bre | Engaged | Santa Clarita, California | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Becca Rillo

I'll start off by saying the elements were against us for this engagement shoot. We had to cancel our first session because of the totally unexpected rains that graced all of Southern California. Then when we rescheduled, it was so cold and so windy that it was hard to think at times. But these two pushed through it! Nick and Bre are so sweet and so loving,  you can't even tell that they're close to getting hypothermia as I'm making them lay down on the freezing ground.. I can't wait for their WARM wedding on June 11th, 2011, it's going to be amazing!

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Tim & Tara: Engaged! | Santa Clarita, California | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Becca Rillo

Just another fantastic Charity Shootout from the phenomenal Jen O'Sullivan... as usual :) She's been kicking butt raising money for the Children's Hospital HOPE program and in doing so, she manages to put on a great event time after time! So here's to Jen! And here's to my fantastic first couple of the evening: Tim + Tara. I'll admit that I was somewhat unmotivated as I approached this Shootout. I had been sick for the past couple of days and had just finished a particularly frustrating day at work. I wasn't in the mood to take pictures, I was in the mood to go home, find the highest calorie snack in my pantry and pig out in front of the Sister Wives marathon I had TiVo'd the day before. (Admit it, you watch it too.). But I had made a commitment to this Shootout and I wasn't going to bail. So I hauled myself over to Central Park dreading every mile.


My mood immediately shifted when I met Tim and Tara. Such a cute couple!! Little shocks of lightening ran through my fingers as I turned on my camera and all of the sudden I wasn't tired anymore :) I wasn't hungry and I was having a lovely day.. And I remembered why I love what I do. It is such an honor for a couple to let you into their little world, to catch a glimpse of their love and make it last forever. To celebrate that they have found the person that they want to spend forever with. Ahhh.... Thanks you guys for waking my up from my day and reminding my why I love being a photographer.

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August | Where on Earth did July go? | Charity Shootout Sneak Peek

July was an insane month for me! I would show you a copy of my planner, but you still wouldn't believe me... I have different color highlighters that keep me organized and I try to balance my life by the number of colored lines on my planner. Orange lines are hair-clients, green is work, yellow are photography clients, blue is the gym and pink...ahhh... pink is Becca Time. Pink is all of the things that I don't actually have to do, but I choose to do anyway. Pink is the only sanity on my planner and the only color I look forward to after a long day at work :) Well, pink was lacking in July.. however, I got to be a part of an incredible Engagement Shootout hosted by none other than the fabulous Jen O'Sullivan. It was one out of only 5 pink events that month so needless to say, I was super excited to be there. I had the opportunity to work with 8 insanely different couples for about 10-15 minutes each and here are some of my favorites so far (I've only processed 5 couples so I'm still working on the other 3)!