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Just another fantastic Charity Shootout from the phenomenal Jen O'Sullivan... as usual :) She's been kicking butt raising money for the Children's Hospital HOPE program and in doing so, she manages to put on a great event time after time! So here's to Jen! And here's to my fantastic first couple of the evening: Tim + Tara. I'll admit that I was somewhat unmotivated as I approached this Shootout. I had been sick for the past couple of days and had just finished a particularly frustrating day at work. I wasn't in the mood to take pictures, I was in the mood to go home, find the highest calorie snack in my pantry and pig out in front of the Sister Wives marathon I had TiVo'd the day before. (Admit it, you watch it too.). But I had made a commitment to this Shootout and I wasn't going to bail. So I hauled myself over to Central Park dreading every mile.


My mood immediately shifted when I met Tim and Tara. Such a cute couple!! Little shocks of lightening ran through my fingers as I turned on my camera and all of the sudden I wasn't tired anymore :) I wasn't hungry and I was having a lovely day.. And I remembered why I love what I do. It is such an honor for a couple to let you into their little world, to catch a glimpse of their love and make it last forever. To celebrate that they have found the person that they want to spend forever with. Ahhh.... Thanks you guys for waking my up from my day and reminding my why I love being a photographer.

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