Newhall Wedding: Marc & Robyn

Back in August, I was lucky enough to photograph Marc & Robyn's beautiful wedding. I loved the sweet simplicity of the entire event and the calm, casual energy that Robyn had all day. There's something to be said for a bride who doesn't freak out on the day of her wedding and thank goodness that Robyn was as cool as a cucumber. The ceremony was quick and lovely. They hiked up to some ruins in a field and all of the guests stood below them as they exchanged vows. They were combining their families so Robyn's four children and Marc's two children were the bridal party! The whole affair was very sweet :) There were a lot of fun "firsts" for me at this wedding.. Let's start with #1:

#1: I've never photographed a family friend before. It's really fun to know someone a little better than just a Starbucks date! I was able to photograph her in a way that I might not have just because I knew a little more about her..


#2: I've never photographed a second marriage before. It was such a touching moment when Robyn's daughter helped her put her necklace on and I'm pretty sure there wasn't one dry eye in that room.


Robyn just couldn't stop crying and I had turned around to leave to give them a couple of minutes alone. But I glanced back for one second and stole this beautiful moment of Marc wiping away her tears.. ahh! So sweet!


Robyn and her kids were so cute! That has got to be the best feeling in the world as a mom..


#3: I've never been in a situation where someone lost the ring! Somebody.. not naming names.. was twirling his ring-bearer pillow like it was an Olympic sport and all of the sudden.. Marc's ring was missing. Everyone dropped to their knees (except me, I guess..) and scoured the dry grass looking for it. The pastor was looking, even my lovely assistant, Cherie, lent a helping hand! But before long, the ring was found! And all was as it should be. Marc tied that darn ring onto that pillow so tightly that he couldn't get it off during the'll see)


(Notice Marc's hand? The string from the pillow was still attached :) he just ripped it right off!)


#4: I've never photographed another photographer before! Let me just say that, as a wedding photographer, it's the ultimate complement to have a fellow wedding photographer ask you to shoot their wedding. You can see Robyn's work here!

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